Top 10 Games to Play for Valentine’s Day

The following article was originally posted on Structure Gaming, by Strong Island Bob Do you have a date for Valentines day? Yes, February 14th. Love is (hopefully) in the air and cupid has yet again hit couples with his love arrows. Either that or corporations are all taking bets to see which sucker buys their[…]

The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2014

With two new consoles hot on the market, 2014 should be a big year for new video games. We count down some of the most highly anticipated video games and when we should see them hit the shelves! Titanfall Tom Clancy’s The Division Mario Kart 8 Watch Dogs Dying Light Dark Souls II The Elder[…]

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57 Things You Must Know About Xbox One – SmartGlass

1.  Connect your phone for free.  SmartGlass enables you to connect your phone or tablet to your Xbox One and use it to expand games or anything else on your TV.  It’s a free app which you can download for Apple, Android and Windows Phone handsets.  You can try out the first version right now[…]

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57 Things You Must Know About Xbox One – Xbox Live

1.  Trolls are filtered out.  An update to Xbox 360’s rather tired five-star reputation system means that persistently unpleasant people are filtered out so they only play with each other.  A fitting punishment, we’re sure you’ll agree. 2.  It will use your existing Gamertag.  Your Gamertag, Friends List, Achievements will roll over to Xbox One.[…]


57 Things You Must Know About Xbox One – Kinect

1.  It can read your heart rate and your expression.  The new version of Kinect that comes with every Xbox One is a vast improvement on the old one.  It can track six people at once, with sufficient detail that it can identify facial expressions (including who’s paying attention and who’s not) and heart rate.[…]

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57 Things You Must Know About Xbox One – The Console

1.  It’s dead silent.  Honestly.  We’ve sat with it in a faintly terrifying super-max soundproof room in Microsoft’s hardware development lab, and even then we could barely hear it running.  It’s absolutely living-room ready. 2.  It works Offline.  This is the big one; although initially planned to be always-online, Microsoft has now changed it so[…]

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57 Things You Must Know About Xbox One – Controllers

1.  The design hasn’t changed much.  This is important, because the X360 controller is extremely well-liked and generally regarded as one of the industry’s best.  The new design has similar dimensions and layout, so you don’t have to train your fingers to do anything differently. 2.  The Triggers rumble.  This is one of the most[…]


10 Crazy Things You Can Do In GTA Online

It’s almost here!  Don’t miss your chance to win GTA V for FREE!  Just visit:   Certainly one of the most anticipated games of 2013 is the newest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA V will release in September, and is set to remind gamers of why GTA is one of the most[…]

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Ten Reasons To Love The Xbox One Operating System

Microsoft’s Xbox One operating system appears to improve upon Xbox 360’s OS in almost every way. Sony’s PlayStation family received a majority of the positive attention from Gamescom this week, but Microsoft also deserves special mention for an important reason: the Xbox One operating system. It’s still in a pre-release state, though you’d easily mistake[…]


Modern Warfare 3 Is Currently the Fastest Selling Game of All Time Modern Warfare 3 sold 8.8 million copies in its first month, breaking every sales record set prior. In fact, the previous record holder was another Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Black Ops, at 8 million in sales. Unfortunately, Call of Duty:[…]

Sony Confirms PS4 Release Dates

Sony confirms 1 million preorders for next-gen system, announces discounts for next-gen upgrades on big games Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment is a Japanese videogame company specialising in a variety of areas in the… The PlayStation 4 will launch in North America November 15, with a European bow to follow on November 29.[…]