Wacky, shapely Samsung Galaxy Note Edge sports curved, fallaway 5.6-inch screen

It’s been a while since Samsung tried its hand at a rounded screen, and even longer since the device-maker took a stab at anything resembling a second display. Nevertheless, here is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, essentially a stylus-toting Galaxy Note 4 with a curved — and independent — right edge that has its own[…]


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch: Here’s everything Apple just announced

It happens but once a year: Apple debuts its newest phone in a grand, press- and-analyst-filled event. This year, as the iPhone gets bigger, it’s joined by its long-awaited, smaller, wearable cousin. If you didn’t feel like sitting through the two-hour erratic live stream or missed our live blog, here’s the lowdown on what you[…]


Google Glass Explorer Edition Available Now

Google has made another step in the long-running release of Google Glass, as the Explorer Edition is available now on Google Play, the company’s digital marketplace. The Explorer Edition clips onto any pair of glasses or sunglasses, and is being sold alongside prescription frames, sunglass shades and custom earpieces, in five different colors.  The beta edition of Google’s eyewear,[…]


Oculus Rift to Sell for $200-$400 Price Range

The consumer model Oculus Rift could sell for $200-$400 according to Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell. Mitchell and co-founder Palmer Luckey revealed the potential pricing details in an interview with Eurogamer. “It’s going to be as cheap as possible,” Luckey said. The two-year-old company purchased by Facebook a little over a year ago for $2 billion has been hard at[…]


E3 2013 grows again to 48,200 attendees, E3 2014 scheduled for June 10-12

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) broke the eardrums of 48,200 attendees this year, a 2,500 increase from the prior year. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade group that organizes the annual Los Angeles meet-up, estimates the show brought the city $40 million in revenue.

E3 2014 is scheduled for June 10-12, 2014, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Stay with us for more E3 coverage as we keep shaking out the stories. There’s still more. Like, way more.