Comic Con San Diego 2015

comic con sd

Comic Con San Diego 2015 has arrived! SDCC features 4 full days of star studded events and activities from July 9th -12th. Events include panelsĀ and lectures, film screenings, costume competitions, game tournaments, and autograph opportunities. Film screenings include Big Hero 6, Back to the Future, Interstellar, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Attendees of Comic Con San Diego dress up in costumes. They dress up as super heroes and villains from the different comic worlds, as well as video game characters.

comic con


comic con



Masquerade costume competition is a big event at Comic Con San Diego. It is live on stage with a panel of judges in the style of a talent competition. It is not just about the costume, it is about portraying a character and telling stories. Entries can be individual or groups. Below are a couple of previous winners.

dr who sdcc


sdcc costume


LEGO Dimensions was introduced with Doctor Who. Below is the LEGO Dimensions – Doctor Who San Diego Comic Con Trailer.


With all that is going on at Comic Con San Diego 2015, it is sure to be a big hit as always.

Visit the Comic Con website.

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