Countdown: Top Game Villains Part 1

Every game needs a villain and What about if they are very strong, hard to battle, cunning and have will to charge the world, of course, it gives motivation to play and play and play. From People`s Favorite Choice to Awesome Abilities, we`ll count the top 15 most liked game villains. We`ll concentrate on their appearance, abilities, plot-areas, terrorism and their wills!Darth Vader – Star Wars Series

#15. Darth Vader – Star Wars Saga

darth vaderDarth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is a powerful Sith Lord and the most famous villain from the Star Wars saga. He is the main antagonist of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the secondary main antagonist in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Vader could lift and move objects to their will. Several schools of martial arts specialized in fighting with a lightsaber. Vader would concentrate in the Force and violently push it outwards, creating rapidly-expanding kinetic ripples in space, the objects caught in blast would be disintegrated and the most distant objects will be pushed violently. Vader was capable of creating this power however he rarely used it due to the risk of damage his life support system. Vader could suspend himself against the force of gravity. Levitation required no direct physical contact. Using the Force, Vader could then hover in place or move about wherever he desired. Darth Vader could become invisible. He could control things about through a distance. He can do fast sprints, dashes, deflect anything that comes in his way. He could also absorb energy. Most of all is his Armor suit that gives him full life system. Most important of all is the Armor`s Breathing system which gives him the ability to breath in even space. Also, Armor gives him the super human powers and hide Skywalker`s burned skin. Armor also makes him to do locomotion’s.

#14. Senator Steven Armstrong – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

“I’m not one of those beltway pansies. I could break the president in two… with my bare hands.” – QuiteArmstrong familiar with this. “Senator Steven Armstrong is the main antagonist in Metal Gear Revengeance. He was quite strong and steady. Even before his nanotech infusion, Steven Armstrong was considered to be quite strong – something he acquired from his days as a college football player and as a sailor in the United States Navy. He was also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though it would seem that he preferred a much more brawl-like style of fighting; his fighting style was more along the lines of both wrestling and incorporating different football based moves (i.e. holding out his arms in a defensive position and then charging at Raiden as if to knock him over).After his nanotech infusion, Armstrong’s already impressive physical abilities were amplified to powerful superhuman levels. This allowed him to almost effortlessly overpower other individuals who are already very strong to begin with (Sam and Raiden). It’s also shown that during his final battle with Raiden, Armstrong’s strength was enough to allow him to lift the large debris of EXCELSUS, and throw it at Raiden as a makeshift projectile weapon. In addition, one of Armstrong’s most prominent attributes was that his entire body was composed of Nano machines. These Nano machines would harden different parts of his skin in response to physical trauma, with the side-effect of turning the affected areas black, with some splotches of red on the outer edges. His skin, as a result of the hardening, would become highly resistant to physical damage, and combined with his increased healing speeds, rendered Armstrong virtually indestructible to nearly any form of blunt force. Even Raiden, a powerfully enhanced cyborg, was unable to do any serious or permanent damage to Armstrong’s body because of the Nano machines hardening when Raiden attempted to strike him.

#13. Ares – God of War

Ares“Ares” – First God of War is the main antagonist in the God of War. He – the most hated god is the son of Zeus & Hera. Being the God of War, he had mastered a lot of different combat styles and could easily tell the outcome of any war. Giant Ares was the most powerful god Olympus but weaker than Poseidon, Hades and his own father Zeus. He was immortal but only to some conditional extents. He could be killed by godly weapons like Blade of Olympus & Gauntlet of Zeus or by most powerful gods themselves whom are mentioned before. His Hairs and Beard waved like the fire-threads. Having 6 blade-like protrusions coming out of his back makes him undefeatable. We can measure his strength even from this fact that he could even kill Barbarians with his power of thought. He torn them from inside and burst them into flames. He owned the flaming “Blades of Chaos” and power to control them through Telekinesis. Even like the other superior gods, he could grant his powers to anyone he like. He could teleport, had super strength, super stamina, super speed. He could manipulate fire and could regenerate through his remaining. After getting “Blades of God”, “Kretos” finishes him. With a loud death cry, blood busted from Ares` chest and he exploded into fire. After his death, Kretos is entitled as “God of War”.

#12. Dr. Breen – Half Life 2

“Dr. Wallace Breen” is the former head of “Black Mesa”, and later “Earth’s Administrator” under the “Combine”. From his headquarters on Earth in the Citadel ofDr. Breen City 17, he was humanity’s representative within the Combine and the primary antagonist of Half-Life 2.Breen is alerted to the return of Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2 when he is accidentally teleported to his office in the Citadel for a few seconds. Breen informs the Combine and immediately dispatches the forces at his disposal to capture (or kill) Freeman and break the associated Resistance movement in City 17.During Gordon Freeman’s raid on the Citadel, Freeman is temporarily in the custody of Breen, until Judith Mossman turns against him. During this brief time, Breen makes a very notable statement: he mentions while in the presence of Alyx Vance and her father, Eli (who is also in his custody) that Gordon “has proven a fine pawn to those who control him.” He also comments that Gordon’s services are “open to the highest bidder,” and says he would understand if Gordon does not want to discuss it in front of his friends. These remarks imply that Breen is aware of the mysterious G-Man and his influence over Freeman, something only Eli Vance seems to know about. Another possible reference to the G-Man is in one of the Breencasts broadcast in Nova Prospekt: “I have good reason to believe that in the intervening years, he was in a state that precluded further development of covert skills,” suggesting Breen knows about Freeman having remained in stasis between the Black Mesa Incident and his comeback around 20 years later. When the Resistance begins to loosen the Combine’s hold on City 17 and Gordon Freeman infiltrates the Citadel itself, Breen attempts to flee using a Combine teleport. Freeman manages to stop him by destroying the Citadel’s dark fusion reactor, which then destroys the teleport in a massive explosion. After the player destroys the reactor at the top of the Citadel, the platform that Breen is seen riding up to the portal collapses, and he is seen falling to his presumed death, his last words being “You need me!”

#11. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

Pyramid Head“Pyramid Head”, also known as the “Red Pyramid Thing”, is a monster that debuted in Silent Hill 2 as arguably the main antagonist. Pyramid Head is one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the Silent Hill series. For “Silent Hill 2″, Ito wanted a monster with a hidden face to make it less human and more disturbing. His first idea was a monster with a mask, but he realized that it was nothing more than a human garbed in a simple facial disguise. He then took the concept further, giving the monster a head in the shape of a triangle with sharp right angles and acute edges that suggest the possibility of pain. In all forms, Pyramid Head’s appearance is that of a large, well-built human male, and typically is seen wielding the Great Knife or Great Spear. In Silent Hill 2, they don a white robe-like outfit with no sleeves, seemingly rubber gloves and what appear to be potentially fused fingers. Their iconic pyramid-shaped helmets look to be a rusty hunk of metal grafted onto their head, with a single hole drilled into the upper side. A tentacle or tongue-like appendage can snake out of this hole as he chokes “James Sunderland”.

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