Countdown: Top Game Villains Part 2

This is part two of three of our top video game villains countdown. In this part we counting down from the number 10 villain to the number 6 villain.

#10. Vladimir Makarov – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Ghosts

Vladimir-Makarov“Makarov” is a minor character in “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”, is the secondary antagonist of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″, and is the main antagonist of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3″. As well, he appears as a customization option in “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. To start off Makarov’s reign of terror, “Imran Zakhaev” orders Makarov to bomb a “Moscow city bus”. The mission succeeded with “29 people killed and 19 injured”. He used a modified “London Underground” train filled with explosives to bomb “Piccadilly Circus”, killing “407 People”. He had stolen “$1.5 million from a ZBV bank”. He bombed on several government buildings in “Kazakhstan”, “245 dead”. In 2011, he detonated a nuclear device, killing approx. “30,000 US Marines” and an unknown number of others. With the war over, Makarov went into hiding in the “Arabian Peninsula” at the “Hotel Oasis”. In January, Price and Yuri assault the hotel, intent on killing him. Price catches up with Makarov, preventing his escape by a helicopter by killing the pilots. As the chopper crashes in the ensuing chaos, Makarov beats Price to his Desert Eagle and is about to kill him when he is shot by Yuri, who in turn is killed by him. This buys Price enough time to beat Makarov down, wrap a cord around his neck and force him through the glass roof, shredding and hanging him at the same time. Price smokes a cigar as he gazes on Makarov’s lifeless body, dangling from the cable.

#9. Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Series

“Ocelot” was an operative of “FOXHOUND” and an agent of the “Patriots”. A master of interrogation and a formidable gunfighter, he was often referred to as arevolver ocelot “ricochet genius” in regards to his gun fighting skills. A cunning operative and an expert marksman, Ocelot was renowned for his prowess on the battlefield as well as his deceitful nature and his penchant for torture. Ocelot was also highly intelligent and a fast learner, learning “CQC techniques” from observation and eventually using them to fight Naked Snake to a stalemate. Although Ocelot lost only his right hand to Gray Fox, he later had his entire arm replaced. In 2009, Ocelot took a hypodermic injection to supposedly prevent “Liquid Snake’s arm” from exerting control over him. During this occasion, his heart seemingly gave two heartbeats, as heard by “Raiden”, using a directional microphone. By 2014, Ocelot had switched Liquid’s arm for a cybernetic prosthesis to restore balance to his psyche.No doubt, he is the most tyrant villain ever.

#8. Vaas Monologue – Far Cry 3

vaas monologue“Vaas Montenegro” is the secondary antagonist of Far Cry 3, appearing as the primary antagonist in the first half of gameplay. He is a careless, savage, callous, unpredictable, cynical, cunning, psychopathic, insane, extremely prideful and remorseless pirate lord with a dark sense of humor and a frighteningly violent personality who is feared even by his own men, some of whom are as crazy and chaotic as Vaas. Except being the mostly crazy and mentally disturbed in Far Cry 3, he was a fascinating and masculine leader and provided most of the humor in the Far Cry 3.Vaas is featured in the “Far Cry Experience”, a web-series promoting the game. He is voiced and motion captured by Canadian actor “Michael Mando”.

#7. Albert Wesker – Resident Evil 5

For sure, the most bad-ass mutated super-human – “Albert Wesker “is the main antagonist in Resident Evil 5.He has been the antagonist throughout the Residentalbert wesker Evil series as a background key. He is most powerful, cunning and seeks power and dominance over everything. He is a scam and constantly hiding. He only was under the STARs rules in order to get his own goals. He manipulates others to do dirty work for him without getting even noticed, such a clean SHIT! He wants to create his own world. He injected himself a controlled experimental virus which gives him superhuman strength, reflexes, speed, and agility. He can dodge bullets at point blank range and can do dashes with speed faster than a brain can comprehend giving him the touch of Teleporting. He can shoot missiles with his bare hands and can lift heavy things. He gained highly-accelerated healing powers, which eventually makes him “Invincible”. He is a highly skilled gunman & military tactician. He always keeps his Samurai Edge pistol with him. Wesker is an extremely skilled martial artist, much more enough to go toe-to-toe with a Super-Soldier.

#6. Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat Series

shao kahn“Shao Kahn – the Konqueror” is represented as the embodiment of evil. Shao Kahn is one of the few non-ninja characters whose appearance has stayed consistent throughout the years. He is almost never seen without his warlord helmet which features a skull-like design with a long crest at the forehead. His attire usually consists of spiked shoulder pads, similarly designed kneepads and gauntlets, and a skull medallion embedded in two straps that intersect across his chest. When his helmet is removed, he appears to be bald with a slightly demonic face featuring red eyes and small spikes protruding from his head. He is able to utilize magic and has superhuman strength and durability. He is also able to charge at the opponent with considerable speed and power. Shao Kahn fires a green star like fireball, seemingly from his mouth or eyes. Kahn sweeps the foe with his hammer. He ends up with awesome Fatalities ever.

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