Countdown: Top Game Villains Part 3

This is the final installment of our top video game villains countdown. In this part we count down to our top video game villain.

#5. The Joker – Arkham Asylum

jokerHe served as the main antagonist in “Arkham Origins” and “Arkham Asylum”, one of the main antagonists in “Arkham City”, and the tertiary antagonist in “Arkham Knight”. The Joker was the self-styled “Clown Prince of Crime”. He was also the insane, psychotic, slightly self-absorbed, sadistic, brutal, pitiless, maniacal, extremely intelligent and cruelly cunning madman who held “Gotham” in a grip of panic and fear for years until he ultimately died. He was anarchistic, unreasonable, and masochistic who held a twisted belief that deep down everyone was like him and would sacrifice his life or anyone else’s to prove it. In Arkham Asylum, Joker’s more calculating and intelligent aspect of his personality appeared as he started a fire at Blackgate so his goons would be able to lead a riot and tricked Batman into taking him back to the Asylum which allowed him to manufacture the “TITAN Formula”. He was cruel for the sake of cruelty as he murdered dozens of guards, patients, doctors, and even his own henchman for the sheer fun of it. He has incredible tolerance for physical pain, which made fights with him unusually long. He is a genius chemist and is extremely skilled in strategy. He is a Flawless actor. Took absolutely no value for money, power, anyone besides Batman, and even his own life, which made him impossible to intimidate, interrogate, bargain with, or persuade. Frequently he used a toxin that stretched victim’s face’s into a Joker-like grin and caused death. He is an unbelievable escapist and has a stronger endurance than a normal human being.

#4. Sephiroth – Final Fanstasy VII

“Sephiroth” is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth is a tall dude with a muscular build. He wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, blacksephiroth boots and black trousers. The top of his coat is open to reveal his chest, with his leather SOLDIER suspenders crossed over it. He carries “Masamune, a seven-foot long katana”. Sephiroth possessed superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance and reflexes. He is a master swordsman and can produce beams of energy by swinging his Masamune, can swing faster than the human eye can see, and cut through metal and concrete. In his boss battle in “Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII” he can teleport. He can cast magic without the need for Materia, can fly, levitate, project illusions into the minds of other beings, and manifest the Masamune at will. Of course, he is Swaggy Kick-Ass villain.

#3. GLaDOS – Portal

Glados“GLaDOS” is the antagonist of “Portal” and the first half of the single-player campaign in “Portal 2″. During the latter half, she becomes the game’s tritagonist. In the game’s cooperative campaign, GLaDOS is the testing supervisor of “Atlas” and “P-body”.GLaDOS is voiced by opera singer and voice actress “Ellen McLain”. As the overseer and operator of the facility, GLaDOS is seemingly omnipotent, able to reconfigure rooms and carry out actions at her will. She monitors the facility and its test chambers through cameras mounted on walls. She also mentions that she cannot resist thinking of paradoxes if one would happen to be brought up. GLaDOS had displayed little to no emotion within her voice tone in the first half of Portal, due to being bound by the consciousness of other personality cores attached onto her for the sole purpose of restricting her true thoughts. She then becomes increasingly more agitated and is portrayed as a narcissist during Chell’s escape attempts. In Portal 2, she grows bitter after the events of Portal, frequently insulting “Chell” until the very end – until she briefly realizes that Chell was “all along [her] best friend”.GLaDOS’ consciousness had been controlled by personality cores throughout the events of Portal. If the cores are removed, the traits and morals which the cores contain would be permanently detached from GLaDOS as well, causing her to fall back to her more human and intimidating voice tone, resembling to that of her Genetic Lifeform component “Caroline”. It was eventually revealed in Portal 2 that GLaDOS was also able to reconstruct the components on her own body as well, now without the cores restricting her thoughts. She had replaced most of the broken and or missing components on her body since her reawakening in the chapter, The Courtesy Call. Her newer components spotted on her body since the chapter The Escape are sleek and black, and is of little resemblance to the original ones from her body during the reawakening and Portal. Count how many people she has murdered.

#2. Ganondorf – The Legend of Zelda Series

“Ganondorf” a.k.a “The Dark King” is the main antagonist in “The Legend of Zelda” series, although he has appeared in most of games but in which he had justganandorf touched the game at the end. Primarily, Ganon was decided to be a “Pig-Like Creature” but later on, developers decided to make him a beast giving the touch of pig. Throughout the series, he has two basic forms; Bestial (Minotaur ) form and Humanoid Form. Continuing with the main Humanoid form, he has Dark-Green Skin and Red Hair, 7 ft. 6½ in. in Height, Long Nose, and Sharp Yellow Eyes, Elongated Eyebrows connected with the hair having muscular and powerful physique. In the Legend of Zelda, he invades Hyrule and steals the “Triforce of Power” which makes him immortal. To save the world from Ganon, “Princess Zelda” breaks the “Triforce of Wisdom” in 8 pieces and scatters them across the land and then is captured by Ganon himself. Princess Zelda gives the duty to her nursemaid “Impa” to find someone to defeat Ganon and save the world. Impa finds “Link – The main Protagonist”. Link gathers the Triforce pieces and then defeats Ganon, turning him into pile of ashes. He recovers the Triforce of Power and Wisdom and takes them back to Zelda.

#1. Bowser – Super Mario Series

bowser“Bowser”, also known as “King Koopa” is the main antagonist in the Super Mario series. He has kidnapped Princess Peach many times and wanted take over the Mushroom Kingdom. He has also attempted to conquer other lands, such as the “Mushroom World”, “Dinosaur Land”, “Sprixie Kingdom”, and even the entire “Universe”. Bowser is a huge, burly, green-shelled Koopa with spikes, horns, and hair. His bushy eyebrows and mane are fittingly a bright, fiery red-orange and has bright red eyes. He had two small horns, many spikes on his shell with brown-orange spike-rings, as well as along his tail. He wears several spiked collars around his neck and arms. He has three claws on each of his massive padded feet, which support his impressive girth. He has three claw-tipped fingers and a thumb on each hand, and his arms are noticeably burly, indicating his vast physical strength. While his face and his shell are green, his underbelly and snout are flesh-colored (occasionally depicted as being closer to tan or even yellow), and his tail and limbs are an orange-tinged yellow. Bowser possesses various abilities, the more prominent of which being his fire breath. He can produce continuous flares or flurries of individual fireballs. He can even use his fire breath underwater. Bowser’s near immunity and the fact that he always recovers from his defeats is another hallmark of his capabilities. As well as being submerged in lava, Bowser has also fallen great distances, been blown up, crushed, electrocuted, flash frozen and shattered, yet not one of these defeats has been permanent. Bowser is often the most powerful character in sports games, and in “Super Paper Mario”, his attack stat as twice that of the other heroes. He can easily break through boulders and topple enemies many times his own size. Like his fire breath, Bowser takes pride in his strength, and is quick to use punches, claw swipes, tackles, stomps, body slams and other physical attacks in battle.


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