Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of IronBungie is back with its promise to roll out the biggest expansion of an online game in history. The release of this installment to the game Destiny has been the most awaited event of the year so far. It’s been two years since the release of Destiny. But this game has been the heart of countless gamers all around the world. The reason behind its positive reviews is the upgrading of content one after another. The players are made to explore new places, new enemies and couple of alien creatures to kill. Apart from the new gear, new storyline, new missions and new quests there is one significant and thrilling feature; a terrifying wolf is going to thrill the players on screen. Sadly, it accompanies Lord Saladin only. The game is set to be released on 20th of September 2016.

The game is all set to be played on the newly located land, the Plagueland. It revolves around a completely fresh cinematic story. Not only the mystique approachdestiny to Iron Lords will be unraveled but also the cliques of the Splicers and the fallen devils will be encountered and dealt with under the superior commands of none other than Lord Saladin. Destiny: Rise of Iron incorporates a lot more than you can possibly think of. There are quite a great number of newly developed features regarding player strategies, maps, raids and weapons.

New Features

  1. The location: Plaguelands is the new location on earth. The whole game will be played on this land. On this land there is a snowy place called Felwinter Peak. This peak is basically social space where you can observe dance and hang outs.
  2. Light level: The light level of the game has been increased to its maximum limit. This would make the Guardian stronger.
  3. Missions: The set of new missions isn’t just about killing, it’s also about keeping your eyes and ears open. To make it all more interesting, Bungie has developed Strike mission which requires cooperation, Raid which requires the Guardians to accomplish an hour mission with other five allies.
  4. Others: The players ready to compete will be welcomed to access the new crucible modes and maps. They can indulge themselves in practicing with friends too.


Destiny Rise of IronIn short the story is about making an alliance with Lord Saladin and getting rid of humanoid aliens. The ancient plague in old Russia has been unearthed and the Fallens have intruded through the borders and are breaking walls. Now it’s the player’s job to save the earth from destruction. In a desperate effort to protect the planet the player under the command of Lord Saladin has to dig information on Iron Lords. Iron Lords were the ones who used to safeguard Earth.

To enjoy playing Rise of Iron you need to own its previous expansions. Amongst all online shooter games Destiny: Rise of Iron seems pretty fascinating and enjoyable!

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