Apple Device Trade-In Step 1: Verifying the condition of your device

So, you’ve decided it was time to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a different device.  The question is what do you do with your old one?  That is where is here to help.

Trading in your device for an extra bit of spending money is easy.  However, there are some things that need to be done first to prep your device for trade in.   This series of articles will help you get your device ready for trade in, including cleaning it, making sure its functional and how to reset it in order to protect your privacy.  Once you’ve gone through each of the steps listed, you’re ready to trade in your device, getting the most money possible!


Step One:

Verifying the Condition of Your Device

Sure, your device turns on and off but does it work properly? Before cleaning your device and accessing its condition, you should perform a basic test of the devices functions to make sure it is in full working condition.

To test the function of your device you need:

  • Your device
  • Your charging cable

1.Turn on your device

First, try turning on your device. Starting with your phone off, hold down the device button until the phone turns on. Once your device has gone through the full boot process, go through the following simple tests to make sure your device is in full working order.

2.Test the charge port.

Connect your device with your USB sync cable to your computer. Opening iTunes, verify that the software registers your phone in the drop down “Devices” menu in the left column. If you can’t get to a computer for this step, then use your AC adapter and see if the battery icon indicates a charge. Once you have confirmed the device char

ges, disconnect it from your computer or AC adapter.


30 pin connector vs lightning connector

3.Test the controls on your device.

If you’re testing an iPhone, open the phones dial pad. Before attempting to place a call, press both volume buttons and switch the mute toggle on and off. Look for the changes in volume to be indicated and feel for vibration when activating silent mode. Call a friend of family member, testing the functionality of the microphone, speaker and speaker phone during your conversation. Test to make sure the home button works, pressing it to make sure it returns to the home screen.

If you’re testing an iPad or iPod Touch, toggle the volume and mute as described above. Test the home button, assuring your iPad returns to the home screen.

If you’re testing an iPod, test the volume control. Also test the functionality of the hold switch, any buttons on the device and the click wheel/scroll pad, assuring each function properly.
Test the touchscreen and accelerometer.

Open the calculator on your app if it has one. While holding the phone vertically, press all of the calculator buttons to measure the responsiveness and accurate calibration of the touch screen. Then rotate the phone horizontally. The accelerometer should detect the change in orientation and switch the calculator to scientific mode.

4.Test the camera hardware.

Open the camera app. Take a test photo and make sure there is no distortion or discoloration. If there is, check your camera lens and make sure its clean then take another test shot.

5.Test the Wi-Fi antenna and screen backlight

If your device accesses Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi option and activate the antenna by toggling the switch to “On”. The device should scan for nearby Wi-Fi channels. Next, return to the Settings menu and select the Brightness option. Adjust the slider from minimum to maximum brightness and note the changes in back light intensity.


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