Apple Device Trade-In Step 6: Resetting your device & removing your SIM

So, you’ve decided it was time to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a different device.  The question is what do you do with your old one?  That is where is here to help.

Trading in your device for an extra bit of spending money is easy.  However, there are some things that need to be done first to prep your device for trade in.   This series of articles will help you get your device ready for trade in, including cleaning it, making sure its functional and how to reset it in order to protect your privacy.  Once you’ve gone through each of the steps listed, you’re ready to trade in your device, getting the most money possible!


Resetting your device


Preferred Method

The preferred method of resetting your iPhone uses the built-in recovery mode. To prepare, completely power off your device and disconnect it from your computer, then follow these steps:

    1. Press and hold the iPhone’s Home button while reconnecting the device to your computer.
    2. Continue holding the Home button until iTunes loads and informs you that the software detects an iPhone in recovery mode.
    3. Release the Home button and then perform an “Update and Restore” via iTunes.
    4. This process clears your personal data and performs a fresh install of Apple’s latest firmware, ensuring that your phone’s software is up-to-date.

Alternative Method

You can also reset your iPhone settings and data without a computer through the iPhone’s Settings menu.

    1. Navigate through Settings > General > Reset
    2. Select Erase All Content and Settings. This process usually takes longer to complete than the preferred method and does not upgrade the phone’s software.

iPads & iPods

Preferred Method

    1. Go to Settings > General > Reset. There you will be presented with a variety of options.
    2. Select “Erase All Content and Settings” to return your iPad to its factory state.
    3. Make sure you back up your iPad/iPod before performing this step as all your data and media will be permanently deleted.

Alternative Method

    1. After performing a complete back up either through iTunes or iCloud plug your iPad into your PC or Mac and open iTunes.
    2. Once your device is recognized by iTunes you will see a button on the main screen that says restore. Select restore to perform a complete factory reset.

Removing your SIM card/Deactivating your device

AT&T, T-Mobile & All GSM models

Your SIM card stores information that uniquely identifies your phone on a cellular network. By removing your SIM card, you protect your private service-subscriber key and free your phone to be resold on the second-hand market.

    1. Gently insert Apple’s SIM card removal tool or a straightened paperclip into the pin-sized hole in the SIM card tray. Once you release the catch in bottom of the hole, the SIM tray will eject from the phone body.
    2. Remove your card from the tray and reinsert the tray so it is secure and flush with the casing.

Verizon, Sprint & All CDMA models

Unlike an iPhone on AT&T’s GSM network, Verizon & Sprint associates your CDMA iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 with your cell phone service by using a built-in mobile equipment identifier (MEID), rather than a removable SIM card. Disassociating your phone from your account requires a phone call to Verizon or Sprint’s customer service.

    1. First, retrieve your iPhone’s MEID from the Settings > General > About menu and record the value in the MEID field.
    2. Next, call Verizon or Sprint’s customer service number and request that they completely disassociate your phone from your account. Let them know that you’ll be selling your phone on the second-hand market and be sure that your iPhone’s MEID is clear for use on a different account. The carrier may require additional time to process your request—possibly up to your next billing cycle—so be sure to get the official date of deactivation.


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