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As many of us know, the best form of advertising is word of mouth.  And if you’ve used Trade4Cash and you like what we do, chances are you’re already telling your friends and family about us.  So why not earn some cash for doing so? Anyone can be an affiliate and anyone can use your promo code to earn some extra money on their trade while putting a little cash in your pocket.

How does Promo4Cash work?

To put it simply, you pick a 10 character promo code, we set it up and you earn a commission for each order placed using that promo code.  What is there to entice people to use your code? Well they can earn an extra 10% cash on their order just for using your code.  So while they’re helping you earn extra cash, they’re getting a little something extra as well.

Being a Trade4Cash affiliate is easy and only takes 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Email us and let us know you’re interested.  While you’re waiting for a response set up a Trade4Cash account.

Step 2: Wait for your promo code to be activated.

Step 3: Share your code! Tell your friends & family.

Step 4: Sit back & wait for the cash to start rolling in!

Earn Cash.  Become a Trade4Cash affiliate today!

Are you already a Trade4Cash promoter and looking for some ideas to boost your commission?

Here are some ideas to help get your code out there:

  1. If you haven’t already traded your old games in with us, give us a shot.
  2. Tell others about your Trade4Cash experience and why you liked us. Be sure to share your code!
  3. Did you think our trade in program was better than someone else’s? Tell others why and share your code.
  4. Tell others about us on your blog, making sure you tell the customers why they will like our service and that if they use your code, they’ll get extra money on their trade in.
  5. Tell your friends and family about us.
  6. Do you belong to any online communities? Feel free to tell others about us there if permitted.
  7. Are you a hard core promoter that is willing to go all out? Make stickers, business cards, brochures, get a tattoo, post about us on websites, take an ad out in your local paper, share your code on coupon sites, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

With Promo4Cash, your earning potential is only limited by you.

Email us now to get started!

Visit http://www.trade4cash.com/promo4cash – terms for rules and regulations.

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