Error on PS4’s Corrupts save files

In an article on IGN, Mike Mahardy reported that users have been reporting an error on PS4’s that is resulting in corrupted save files and loss of access to applications.  While the issue, identified as “Error CE-34878-0″, was seen in the previous generation, the problem seems more wide spread among PS4’s.

In the forum thread on the Playstation that is now 37 pages long, this error was first mentioned in mid December as having occurred on the PS4.  Players reported contacting Sony support and trying the various steps they suggested to fix the issue with no resolution.  Those who weren’t able to correct the issue with the steps suggested by Sony support ended up having to replace their PS4.

This error has been seen with just more than one title – including NBA 2k14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.  In rare cases, some of the consoles experiencing the error had issues with the PS4 applications, which rendered the console unusable and requiring its replacement.

Of the players reporting the issue, many are reporting large amounts of lost progress, some as much as 40 hours worth of play time.  One PS4 owner even reports that they experienced the error on their first console, and after going through all the steps, Sony said it was likely a bad HDD, and had the player send in the console so they could replace it.  The new console arrived and the same issue occurred.

This time Sony said it was likely a video card issue and he sent in the 2nd console and got a 3rd. The 3rd console had an issue unrelated to this error, and required the player send it in and receive another console.  The player has stated that so far the 4th console is working properly but this leads one to wonder just how wide spread the issue is among the over 4 million consoles that have been sold so far.



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