Far Cry 4 Review

far cry 4

With Far Cry 3 Ubisoft has managed to push the boundaries of open world games, and Far Cry 4 tries to improve on that quite a lot. And while it does manage to do that from some perspective, it still focuses on bringing pretty much the same experience.

far cry 4The story is touching, as it focuses on a local that was away for quite some time only to get back and find it in turmoil, with a guy trying to take control over everything. The same is really nice and exciting, with many game-play mechanics that are enjoyable and insanely fun, so overall you will have a lot of time exploring the cool game mechanics presented here.

Adding in the grappling hook, the wonderful world of Kyrat which is filled with mountains and stuff like elephants definitely spruce up the game-play, but there are way more things than that which make the experience unforgettable as well.

The antagonist in this game isn’t exactly scary, which is a problem because it turns the entire story into a lacklusterfar cry 4 thing that just doesn’t flow properly. Of course, the title does have an amazing game world, which you can explore at your own pace, but it’s the way you play and the opportunities you can find there which make it different because otherwise this is just a simple game without that much investment.

Far Cry 4 has a very good game-play, in fact the alert ideas and fun, exciting moments make it one hell of a title, one that you will love to play over and over again. It’s definitely an interesting game, and one that manages to bring in immense value right from the start. You will surely love then great gun play here, the numerous weapons you can find as well as the RPG elements which are implemented here and there, especially in the multiplayer sector.

far cry 4I found the exploration to be one of the best features in this game, and I surely appreciate the great quality experience that can be found in this title, you can rest assured of that. Pagan Min might not be the most menacing antagonist, but when you have so much stuff to do and explore, you just forget the rest and that’s what matters in the end. Far Cry 4 is also very pretty from a visual standpoint, and it just looks stunning from beginning up until the end. It’s nicely designed, offers a lot of interesting moments in regards to the exploration and you will surely appreciate the way it plays, and we can rest assured of that.

With a solid mission design, an amazing game world to explore and a great insight into the Tibetan culture, Far Cry 4 is indeed one of the best games that I have played recently. It’s a stunning open world FPS with a lot of cool mechanics and ideas, so just give it a shot, you will love it for sure, I can guarantee that!


Trade in your copy of Far Cry 4 for PS3, PS4, X360 or Xbox One.


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