Mario Party 10 Review

Mario Party 10

MarioMario is indeed one of the most important characters in the Nintendo world, and there’s no wonder more and more
games are appearing, all of which feature this amazing character. Mario Party 10 is a new iteration in a long-running series of games where up to four players need to compete with each other.

The great thing about Mario Party 10 is that you can play either against human players or the CPU, without any hassle, and there are many mini-games to check out, depending on the level you play, of course.

Aside from being a competitive game, Mario Party 10 does come with some great game modes when compared to its predecessors, which include the Amiibo Party (which obviously uses the Amiibo hardware available from Nintendo), as well as Bowser Party.

The normal Mario Party mode is similar to the previous title in the series, where players are traversing a across the board in a car and you need to try and hit all the six possible numbers in order to have Bowser appear. This makes the game very good, exciting and appealing right from the start, and it also manages to spruce up the experience quite a lot, which is really neat.

The Bowser party mode is even more action packed because you need to reach the end of the board without losing any Mario Party 10heart, all while also having to avoid Bowser. If the player is caught by Bowser, then he will need to enter a mini-game and compete, something that spruces up the experience and makes it even more interesting!

Amiibo Party is, as expected, a game where you use the Amiibos in order to control your players. It’s a nice change of pace from the normal Mario Party gameplay and it’s indeed nicely implemented in the game, something you will like right from the start.

I found the gameplay in Mario Party 10 to be very interesting and solid, which is really nice. The experience is nicely designed and the movements, as well as animations and graphics are to the point, yet very interesting and thoroughly mario partyappealing at all times. I personally see Mario Party 10 as being a very good game to play with the family, because it does imbue that sense of collaboration and accomplishment that makes family time great.

However, the game can be a little challenging; something that really is an amazing experience, because it just manages to provide you with a wide range of extraordinary results as a whole.

As a fan of Mario as a whole, I feel that Mario Party 10 does a great job when it comes to maintaining a very good set of gameplay opportunities. This is a great game, one that manages to bring in a fun and extraordinary set of challenges for you, so I encourage everyone that wants to have a great time with family and friends to get this title!


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