MLB 15: The Show Review

MLB 15 The Show

Baseball is a very fun game, both in real life and in video games. The MLB franchise is standing the test of time, with MLB 15: The Show being the 10th entry in the series.

MLB-15-The-Show-Review-Screenshots-5What I saw right from the start is the fact that they focused a lot on redoing the visuals. This means that the gameplay is a lot more realistic as it was before, and this can only make the gameplay a lot better, which is crucial!

The character animations are doing a great job because they offer you a ton of variations, pretty much like in real life, but they are also very realistic and you will enjoy them quite a lot, that’s a guarantee. Also, the character design is spectacular, with SCE outdoing themselves and offering a very realistic, fun gameplay that I, to be honest, I like a lot. It’s nice and truly fun to see how the experience is better than the previous years, and that’s nice.1425423230-media

The games are very realistic and portrayed with complete accuracy. You get a ton of players from the real life teams and even the commentators are very funny, so the game does offer a lot in this regard. The current teams are there, which is very nice for me, and overall there’s a lot of fun and accuracy to be had at all times,
which is a plus.

A feature that I like in MLB 15: The Show is that if you bought last year’s edition, you can easily transfer your progress here, something that’s really fun right from the start. Combine that with the funny gameplay and the nice graphics then you will see that MLB 15: The Show is indeed feature packed and ready to go

I don’t understand why this game is only on PS4, because it’s a masterpiece of baseball and it should be played by as many people as possible. Still, I consider it as JzkZkjPbeing one of the most interesting releases in the sports genre because it does want to be different while also retaining the key aspects of annual releases.


You get tournaments, you can use the practice mode and the tutorial is very good for putting you in action. The championship is great as a whole and you will like it quite a lot.

Overall, you will be very impressed with the MLB 15: The Show because it’s a very fun entry in the series, one that you will enjoy for sure. It’s not afraid to be different and it succeeds because of that. It’s a great game for sports fans, and I encourage you to give it a try!


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