Nintendo & Activision Pair Up amiibo with Skylanders

Nintendo and Activision Pair Up to Bring amiibo to Skylanders

Mere days ago, Nintendo and Activision announced that they are partnering to release two beloved Nintendo characters, Donkey Kong and Bowser, as part of the newest installment from Skylanders – Skylanders Superchargers.  Stating that these two figures will be capable of use as Skylanders and Amiibos,  Nintendo and Activision have stated that they’ve been talking about this deal for years.

Why Donkey Kong and Bowser?

When the Wall Street Journal asked this question of Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, Fils-Aime stated that when reviewing the Nintendo character roster, Donkey Kong and Bowser were much more creature like in their game play mechanics and their movements than, say, Link or Mario, so they would fit into the Skylander world.

Bowser and Donkey Kong Join Skylanders this fall

You might be asking yourself how the companies plan on making the figures workable as both Skylanders and Amiibos, considering the differences in the technology.  The developers have thought of that – a simple twist of the base switches the figure from a Skylander to an  Amiibo.

What Platforms Will We See These On?

For those who don’t own a Nintendo game system, these figures will only be available in starter packs for the Wii U, Wii ($74.99) or 3DS($64.99).  Each character will come with their own starter packs which will include a copy of the game, either Donkey Kong or Bowser, their corresponding super charger vehicle and a Skylander’s figurine.

While both Nintendo and Activision hope to have enough of the new figurines to go around when the game and new figures debut September 20th, there may be a higher demand than expected given that both the Skylanders franchise and Nintendo franchise both have their dedicated fans.

This does bring some concern to Nintendo fans as Nintendo has already had troubles with production quantities of current Amiibo.  Many are curious about them continuing to add new figures to their character list while still having troubles meeting the production needs of those figures already existing.  While Nintendo assures us there is nothing to worry about, time will tell if current production problems will plague this newest iteration of Amiibo and Skylanders for the 2015 holiday season.

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