Skylanders: Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators

Toys for Bob, is back with the sixth installment of the action-adventurous game, Skylanders Imaginators. It is expected to be released after the second week of October 2016. This time Skylanders is going to be a lot more enthralling. The game incorporates a new exclusive tool that can be used by the players to form personalized Skylanders.

Skylanders ImaginatorsEach year the gameplay is updated with some new pattern, like racing cars and taking villains as hostages. This year’s version is going to be the most creative one. The studio claims that ‘Imaginators’ has been the biggest expansion of Skylanders so far. Not only is it expansive, but much more complicated in technical terms. The creation of heroes was kept skeptical in terms of showing their positively but the villains were made as much atrocious as possible.

New Storyline and Gameplay

In the light of previous storyline, the game revolves around the Mind Magic. Mind magic is that mystique power thatSkylanders Imaginators is used by the Ancients to bring anything to existence in Skylands. Due to the fear of losing this power to wrong hands, it was sealed. But the evil Kaos unleashed Mind Magic to create Doomlanders army. Moreover his high plans are set to be demolished by Eon, Portal Masters and the Senseis.

The players as the Portal masters need to stop Kaos before it is too late. The franchise characters have returned and there is a whole new adventure-filled comedic story. The kids will be thrilled to discover the essence of excitement, inspiration and imagination at every level of the game especially during creating own majestic superheroes. Now the players are able to maximize portal power by placing more than one toy and crystals. It’s a battle to save the Skylands and the Skylanders.

More interestingly the Skylanders have their further plans to call the marsupial legendary master, Crash Bandicoot, to fight off Kaos and his minions alongside them.

Skylanders New Features

  1. The Skylanders: Imaginators supports more than three hundred character toys, so the kids can have fun in the game world. Addition of new Skylanders will lead to expansion of in-game involvement.
  2. The kids have an extraordinary option to generate their own skylanders, assign those capabilities, strengths, appearance and catchphrases by their choice.
  3. Creation crystals are designed to allow the players to formulate one character for one Creation Crystal.
  4. Keeping its promise of engaging the kids with the game world, this time it stars a guest clique named as Senseis that has twenty fresh characters in it. Senseis have the authority to unlock several secret techniques, access to secret areas and unique weapons.

Unfortunately, the game won’t be available on Tablet, 3Ds and Wii versions. However it will be having a special “Crash Edition” and it will be available on Wii U, Xbox One and 360, PS 3 and 4. It’s time for the kids to gear up!

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