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Skylanders is one of the most impressive video game series that you have ever experienced because it brings in front a great gameplay gimmick that you can rarely find! The best way to describe this video game series is toys brought to life in video games.

skylandersSkylanders brings in a set of character figures that can be physically placed on the Portal of Power, a device that reads NFC tags from your figures and imports the characters in the game. The best part here is that the characters are fully playable, something that brings in a lot of fun and value to the game.

What I personally like about Skylanders is the fact that each game comes with its own set of characters but all the time these pertain to 8 different elemental categories. These manage to bring in a lot of value and fun unlike never before, but at the same time provide a seamless, not very hard game, which makes it very enjoyable for kids.

I like the RPG element here a lot, because as you play with your character you get skills and other cool stuff that just enriches the gameplay and makes it a lot more fun than you would expect. Of course, there are many other cool things here, especially the idea that you get lots of variants besides the standard figures which are surely very cool and amazingly designed. It’s a bummer that some of them are exclusives, but in the end this doesn’t really matter that much, as we said they are a lot of fun and very good as a whole, which in the end it’s the most important thing.

After the first Skylanders game, we managed to get a second game which is very good in my opinion, as it brings in askylanders wide range of cool new characters in the form of Giants. These are basically upgraded versions of the returning characters but at the same time there are some cool lightcore features which are really nice. This game was one of the best in the series as it did bring in some really nice changes to the overall gameplay. Of course, for me, the best change comes in the form of action packed moments which are exciting and truly fun.

The third game introduced the Swap Force as you got the ability to switch the bottom and top halves as you saw fit. The fourth game focused on a new gimmick with characters that have some big weapons and which can capture other players in the game arena. Really cool and definitely exciting, I have to say. There’s a fifth game on its way as well, which aims to further expand the series with even more cool stuff.

What I really like about Skylanders is the entire concept of toys to life. Sure, you have the Amiibo and the Disney Infinity stuff, but these are the creatures that I am fond of the most to be honest. At the same time, Skylanders did add quite a lot of innovations all the time and they brought in some cool new concepts which are really nice. The figurines are cool as you can separate body and legs or mix characters in order to create unique combinations, and all that other nice stuff.

Skylanders characters

skylandersThere are lots of cool Skylanders characters, each one with a wide range of amazing, interesting gameplay opportunities. The original team of characters included Spyro, but at the same time you also have Blades, Flying Kong, Jet-Vac, Lightning Rod as well as Pop Thorn, Scratch, Sonic Boom, Warnado, Whirlwind and others. There’s also Blackout, Bash, Scorp, Terrafin, Rocky Roll and many others that create a very cool, cohesive and fun team to play. Since each pertains to a specific category, you get tons of fun trying to understand which goes where, how these characters interact with each other and how fun it can be to get these amazing toys to life.

Of course, each iteration of the game managed to bring in some cool characters, but some of my personal favoritesskylanders
include Chomp Chest, Dream Sheep, Cross Cow and the Doom Raiders. It’s really nice to see that there are so many of them because the gameplay does manage to shine because of that. Overall, I feel that the characters are nicely designed and with more than 100 of them out there, it’s just amazing to play since you never know what to expect.

When it comes to the overall gameplay, the battles are amazingly designed and the exploration really feels solid, something I do miss in most of the games on the market. Still, there is a lot to love in Skylanders, especially the high intensity gameplay and the fact that you can play with your family at any given time without a problem. Of course, there are many cool and interesting ideas that you can check out, such as the fun customization options, but for me at least it’s the appealing of this gameplay that makes it easy to come back at all times. I do feel that the game could be even easier to play if they had some more cool stuff added in there, but in the end it’s the gameplay that makes things so cool and nice in this title.

I have to say that Skylanders definitely managed to leave a great impression on me. It’s not the tough to learn game that requires a lot of money and time to master, but instead it’s fun, enjoyable and it manages to blend the idea of having collectibles and using them inside the game, which is amazing. There are way too many opportunities here to explore, and once you start getting into the game, you will be amazed with how much gameplay is there. To be honest, Skylanders takes the toys to life concept and brings in to the next level, so you should definitely give it a shot, it’s amazing!


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