Skylanders: Trap Team Review

skylanders: trap team

Skylanders is known as one of the most interesting and appealing adventure game series mainly because it uses the communication platform and well known figurines in order to offer you a stellar, one of a kind gameplay experience.

trap teamWith Skylanders: Trap Team you get a new team of characters, which are called Trap Masters. The cool thing about them is that they need to work with the portal master in order to find all the criminals that were released from Cloudcracker Prison by the Kaos. It’s really nice to see villains here, but the heroes also receive a lot of great emphasis and that’s what makes the entire experience pretty unique and interesting.

The story is very good and appealing, especially the beginning portions which are designed with action and one of a kind gameplay in mind. There are many moments throughout the missions that focus on your ability to handle battle, but at the same time you will also find yourself dealing with lots of emotional decisions. For me, this makes the game very fun, immersive and just a lot of fun.

Skylanders: Trap Team adds traps which allow you to store the original characters in the game. You can also take these characters to the other consoles which for me was a great experience and a fun change of pace to say the least.

The gameplay on its own is very good, something that impressed me quite a lot, but what I like about the game is the fact that you always get to explore new stuff,ttrap team and being able to use villains in order to complete missions is definitely great. Of course, there are plenty of new additions alongside that, such as two new elements which have a small set of Skylanders in them as well.

To be honest, nothing has changed that much when it comes to the core gameplay, which is really good as it offers a ton of great and interesting choices as you play. I liked that they added new characters in waves, 5 to be more precise, and for me the best ones are in the last wave. However, there’s plenty for everyone here, something that clearly showcases the value and immense benefits you get from this wonderful game!

trap teamGraphically, you can see some wonderful improvements especially when it comes to character designs, backgrounds and animations. The game does have some amazing sceneries and I feel that it does a great job when it comes to taking full advantage of the game worlds.

Skylanders: Trap Team is a refined, yet action packed game that provides you with a lot of fun moments, great gameplay mechanics and, on top of that, it manages to bring in some of the best gameplay mechanics in a Skylanders game to date. Fun and easy to play, this is totally one of the games you should check out right now, so give it a shot and you will not regret it!


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