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We have seen numerous companies showcase their take on the third person shooter genre, but none seems to be so appealing and refreshing like Splatoon does.  This game manages to bring in a lot more fun and excitement in a package that is fun to explore and play.

There isn’t a story worth remembering here; instead, Splatoon manages to bring in a better experience from a gameplay standpoint.


I truly liked the premise of playing ink opponents, because this isn’t only fun, it’s also refreshing and amazingly designed.  You and the opponents surface at all times from the ink, and going through it can also give you many bonuses such as a better movement speed or the ability to climb up walls, which would be otherwise inaccessible.


What I like the most here is definitely the variety of gameplay.  There are multiple wacky game modes, out of which one focuses on destroying balloons, but all of them are nicely designed and varied to bring a ton of fun.  I particularly enjoy the ability to engage enemies in 4v4 matches, as this is the highlight of the game in my opinion, even though the smaller game modes such as the one involving the destruction of balloons are nice as well.

Customization is a great part in Splatoon, and I have to say that the title does a great job when it comes to allowing you complete control over what and how you want to customize at all times. The customization is fun to perform and thankfully, I found that there are hundreds of items to choose from, which is simply stunning to say the least.


At its core, Splatoon does a great job in highlighting the explosive, splashy gameplay and the fact that each weapon comes with its own set of variations is nice.  If you don’t want to go head first into battle then you can easily explore the possibilities offered by each weapon without a problem, as long as you go to the training facility.

Controls in Splatoon are very responsive, and considering the nature of the gameplay depicted here, this was indeed a necessity. Thankfully, the controls are great and thus you need to focus only on your skills, without having to deal with any hassle along the way, and that is cool.


The game does bring support for Amiibos, and these are implemented quite nicely into the overall gameplay, which is a complete delight right from the start.  I do feel that they could have worked on adding more missions, as the low number of maps does become a problem if you want to play the game for a lot of time. The music is also repetitive; they could have added a little more tracks!

Still, Splatoon is a solid game with a lot of stuff to be had.  It’s definitely one of the best, most interesting and captivating gameplay opportunities that brings a lot of value.  While the game works great on your own, playing it in multiplayer is definitely the best experience to be had with it!  Either way, you get a lot of fun and there’s always something new to find and unlock here, so check this game out right now, you are bound to enjoy it!

Overall Rating for Splatoon?  7.8/10


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