Apple Device Trade-In Step 7: Identifying your device

So now you’ve cleaned your device, made sure it works and reset it.  So what next?  Well, in order to assure you get the most money for your device you want to identify its model/order number and size properly.  Various carriers have different order numbers for their devices and this can result in a difference in the amount of your trade in.

In addition, with some Apple devices, the models look very similar but can actually be quite different.  This article will help you to identify your device and determine its size and order number so you can make sure you’re getting the most money back on your device trade in.

Identifying your device

The first step to identifying your device is to turn it over and look at the back of the device.


On the back, the device will list the model number of the device.  The location will vary slightly from device to device but it can always be found on the back.  This number will begin with an A for all devices with the exception of the original 1st generation Ipods.

The model number of the 1st generation of iPods began with an M.  Music devices will also list the memory capacity above the information where the model number is located.

Older model iPhones & iPads as well as all iPods will list the size of the device above the other information on the back of the device as seen in the image below.


For all other devices, you will need to identify this information by following these steps:

1. Turn on your device.

2. Open the Settings App on your device.

3. Navigate to the “General” area of the settings app.

4. Open the “About” section.

5. The line labeled capacity lists the memory capacity of your device.  This number will always be slightly smaller than the devices memory capacity as it takes into account the amount of space taken up by iOS.

6.  You will also need the model number of your device.  This “order” number identifies for you the size, carrier and model of your phone with a single number.

You can search for your device by the order number on the Trade4Cash website.  If you cannot find your device using this number, then select the “Other” version for your size and model of device.


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