The Order: 1886 Review

The Order 1886

While many games have tackled with the idea of steampunk, there was no AAA game with a lot of production value actually able to set the experience and gameplay in this time and space. Up until The Order: 1886 at least, which is a very good game that manages to bring in tons of interesting gameplay opportunities that you will enjoy.

Order 1886At its core, this is a third person shooter that comes with a lot of linearity, despite its large and quite diverse game world.
You need to try and save the game world from the werewolf creatures by using a variety of unique, steampunk inspired firearms that will allow you to complete the experience and take it to a whole new level.

Just like any other modern game, this also comes with an interesting and touching story, one that manages to flesh out as you play. For me, the story was quite strong, especially in the beginning, but the issue is that it quickly manages to become repetitive.

There are tons of puzzles scattered all over the game world and each one of them brings in a very interesting experience. Sometimes you have to follow the enemy and complete such a puzzle in order to move onward, other times it will hold the key to your current area and so on. Either way, the puzzles are a great element in The Order: 1886 and they are welcome, considering that the game isn’t quite difficult, in fact one might argue that this title is actually quite easy, so any variety or something that spruces up the experience is more than welcome!Order 1886 weapon

What I dislike about this game is its linearity. It always comes down to the idea of following a certain path and going from one place to another then repeating. It’s not managing to showcase something unique, instead it goes down the tried and tested route which is not bad, but I would have expected something more from a hyped game.

The Order 1886 screenshotThere are many things to like about this though. The production value here is just amazing, and you do get a ton of
variety and nicely designed gadgets for you to enjoy. The steampunk theme is also implemented close to perfection, so there is indeed a ton of fun to be had as you experience this amazing alternate timeline.

I find The Order: 1886 to a great experience set in a very interesting time. It’s a nice, fun game and it offers one of the best, action packed titles to date. It’s really good if you play it in short busts, because if you want to play it in a prolonged session you might finish it, because its campaign can be perfected in around 6-7 hours, maybe a little more if you want to explore and collect all. For a single player game, it’s a little short, but in the end it’s a pleasant experience and that’s all that matters!


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