Top 10 Games to Play for Valentine’s Day

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Do you have a date for Valentines day? Yes, February 14th.

Love is (hopefully) in the air and cupid has yet again hit couples with his love arrows. Either that or corporations are all taking bets to see which sucker buys their product. If we are talking about love, odds are it’s this (points to self) guy! Upon further thinking however, I have come to the realization that the big day of love does not need to be all about candy, flowers, cards and a nice dinner. Sure, all of that is probably going to happen either way, but why not do something together that you can both enjoy? I am talking about playing video games. You pony up the dough for everything, the least she can do is indulge you in something a little more to your taste. Remember, this is a family-friendly website so get those nasty thoughts out of your head. After the big date with the fancy meal, it’s time to come back to your place and suggest a little play time! Again, for the sake of our younger readers, play time is strictly referring to video games. But what about those who are single for this heartless corporate holiday? Don’t worry, I got you covered. The list below contains ten video games that you should consider playing on Valentine’s day. Five will be for couples only and the other five will be for those who are flying solo for the night. Hope you all find some enjoyment out of the article as well as the games that I recommend below.


For the Couples

5. Outlast



Nothing gets a guy giddier than when the girl he is dating clings to his arm during those intense and frightening horror movie moments. Unfortunately, most horror movies out now pale in comparison to some of the best in the genre. What better way to get your significant other to squeeze your arm while screaming and latching on to you for dear life. It’s really a blissful kind of pain. Speaking from experience, Outlast will make your girl scream like a banshee from hell. The best way to experience Outlast in my opinion, is to play it on the PS4. Sure there are just a few technical problems, but nothing that will hinder the experience. I say play on the PS4 because while you two cuddle closely on the couch you can plug a headphone splitter in the controller and have two sets of headphones going at the same time. Sound intense? It sure is. Just a word of warning- try not to play for an extended period of time or the effect may backfire and the end result won’t be pretty.

4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This may seem like an odd choice at first, but hear me out. By now, the Marvel license surely has appealed to your significant other whether male or female. Although the license has been given the LEGO treatment, doesn’t mean it’s worth skipping. In fact, there is so much to do here that you will be hard pressed to find any excuse to stop playing. Well, except if your girlfriend gets too much Thor hotness, then by all means stop playing and migrate somewhere a little more… comfortable. Ahem, family-friendly, that’s right. As I was saying…. Almost all of the Marvel super heroes you could ask for are in one place and ready for action. It’s great for the guys, because they get to rescue the damsel in distress if she is being bombarded by enemies. It’s great for women because…..just look at Thor! Seriously though, LEGO Marvel is sure to bring a few laughs and good times as you and your significant other cuddle up on the couch to wind down from a romantic evening.

3. Left4Dead 2

Nothing says “I love you” better than some solid team work while blasting zombies in the face and trying to avoid the big, nasty monsters. I’ll have to admit that I don’t see just any couple playing this fast paced zombie shooter. This one is for the more ‘hardcore’ gaming couples. The couples who pretty much planned on ending their night with guns and dead zombies. I mean sure, you might be able to coax your girlfriend into blasting away for a few missions by giving her a little guilt trip about the amount of time and money you spent on her. That would just be plain cruel…..kind of worth it though. Either way, Left4Dead is a great choice

2. Diablo 3














Here is another game on the list that is more for the ‘hardcore’ crowd, but is also easily accessible for newcomers. Diablo 3 is a wonderful hack’n’slash action RPG that is deep and rewarding. If your partner wants to cast spells, set up elaborate attack powers or play strategically, he/she can. If they just want stab something until it is dead, they can do that too. You might just have to pick up their slack. Think of Diablo 3 similarly to teaching him/her how to play pool or golf. Just hold your hand over theirs and show them the power of the skill tree. That will surely turn them on…to Diablo of course. The fact that this is local co-op is perfect for some late night demon slaying and hopefully, some even later night fun. What? I meant leveling up and such. Ahem.

1. Super Mario World

The Pinnacle of classic gaming in my opinion, Super Mario World climbs its way on top of the list. There are so many things that are right with this game it is literally impossible not to recommend for any gamer ever. When you pull this title up, your significant other will almost surely be entranced. Fond memories will creep up and there may even be a twinkle in their eye. Mario World introduced the adorable Yoshi to everyone. A dino so cute that I’ll bet any male gamer out there that their girlfriend will swoon upon his arrival. Chicks dig Yoshi. Besides that wonderful dinosaur, the turn-taking mechanic is perfect for date night. You can flirt or play fight as your partner tries to finish the stage. Eventually, the play fighting will lead to something even more intense, er, um, I mean, woah, would you look at the time? It’s exactly time to finish this list. What do you know?


For the Single/Fallen Heroes









5. Call of Duty Series

So if you are a frequent Cod player your love life is either on the rocks or non-existent.  Alright, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. Where do you think all of those CoD memes of guys texting their girls during a CoD match? Seriously fellas, if you spend that much time playing those games, then maybe cupid missed on purpose. Well, you could always try and date one of the girls from your clan, but a female who can teabag with the rest of them might work against you. Just saying.

4. Saints Row IV



There might not be anything particularly romantic or erotic in any way about Saint’s Row IV, but it has quite a few sex scenes. Albeit they are all strange and played for a laugh, but hey, they are in there. Any gamer can justify their time with SRIV with this catch line- Saints Row IV- because you can literally have relations with everyone on you know, personally. This way you can brag to your friends that last night, you got FREAKY!

3. Dead Space

There is no better day than to forget that no one loves than February 14. Who cares if everyone around is seeing hearts and buttercups or whatever the heck. You want to forget everything you know about love, even if it’s for a few hours? Well, look no further than with Dead Space, perhaps one of the scariest games ever made. It’s funny how fear turns a grown man or woman into a slithering pile of man-baby or woman-baby. When you first start the game, you may or may not get a flashback to a clingy ex who wouldn’t leave you alone. This blast from the past takes shape of a necromorph chasing you until you just escape its clutches while never feeling quite safe. After this moment, you will forget everything you know not only about love, but about everything. You will be so caught up in your characters own loneliness and despair that you won’t have time for anything else. Play Dead Space to forget about your miserable life to focus on one that is infinitely worse.

2. Super Mario 3D World

3D World for the Wii U is the latest evolution to hit the Mario franchise as of late. With each new 3D installment, the franchise seems to take some amazing and interesting turns. One cannot help but smile while playing as tiny plumber dressed in a cat suit. Seriously! Why are you so freakin’ cute? You’ll be sure to have a mile on your face for the entire play through of Super Mario 3D World, but just be sure to avoid the water levels as usual. What, you don’t have a Wii U? Well, go out and get one. It sure is a heck of a lot cheaper than going out to dinner on the big day. Just say that you are showing yourself a good time. No one will think you are crazy, trust me.

1. Catherine



Oh boy, what a title. If you have not played Catherine before then you are in for a treat. Catherine is an amazing/crazy and messed up story that cleverly hides behind an interesting puzzle mechanic. Believe me, on V-Day you are not going to be interested in some puzzle game. Luckily, there is a mode that makes the game quite simple so you have the chance to actually enjoy the story. Being single and witnessing all of the sexual shenanigans that goes on will make you glad for one thing. Catherine-because realizing you don’t have to deal that that big old bag of crazy will make you thankful that you are currently single.

There you have it, the top 10 Valentines day video games. I realize that most of the games on my list have very little to do with the holiday itself, but if you approach each of them appropriately, then you will understand the method to my madness. I hope this article and the games mentioned above give you some enjoyment for your Valentines day, whether you are spending it alone or with that special someone. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make reservations to this nice romantic restaurant that books up 3 weeks in advance.  Lord have mercy on my soul.

Thank you for reading and remember if you would like to participate, feel free to leave and comments or questions below. For all of your gaming new, reviews and original content, keep it here to Structure Gaming.


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