Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

The developers of the Watch Dogs series (Ubisoft Montreal) have listened to the criticism and feedback from the first game and have taken it upon themselves to right the wrongs  of the past and create something that tries to live up to the vision that the first game was supposed to be, but give us even more.

One thing that was sorely lacking from the original Watch Dogs was a personality. The first game was more dark and dreary about a man looking for revenge,Watch Dogs 2 while this time around you are a member of a colorful group of young hackers in the diverse, bustling city of San Francisco.

The new protagonist named Marcus and this band of unique characters will certainly infuse the series with some levity and humor as they take over the city through hacking. Their group is called DedSec as you progress through the game you will build a following through social media by taking pictures within the world and completing missions, which will allow you access to bigger operations.

Watch Dogs 2The most important change is the building upon and reinvention of the hacking gameplay. The hacking tools have been greatly expanded giving the player new custom built toys and gadgets like the Quadcoper and RC Jumper for remote exploration and hacking as well as 3D printed tools/weapons. To take advantage of the wide range of hacking possibilities around San Francisco a new character view has been added called NetHack. You can toggle this digital filter to allow you to see the world has a hacker with all of the opportunities for hacking mayhem around you.

This time the parkour is far more advanced with greater variety in the character’s moves and better fluidity in his movement. Marcus is much more nimble than Aiden was and you will often see him do flips and dives over obstacles and off buildings like an acrobat.

The best way to get around the San Francisco area in Watch Dogs 2 is by hacking and using cars. The developers heard the feedback about the control of vehiclesWatch Dogs 2 in the last game and have made a specific effort to improve upon it in this new iteration. It has been changed to be more responsive and accessible to a broader group of players, this is an imperative adjustment based on the winding, hilly nature of the San Francisco road system.

The missions in Watch Dogs 2 allow you to have a free approach to engage in any play style you wish. You can choose to scout the area with a Quadcopter, then incapacitate any enemies around the objective with a variety of hacking tools or if you prefer you can just charge in to non lethally dispatch enemies with the stun gun. In fact, the entire game can be completed without killing a single person. You can even pick up friends or random players to complete co-op missions and take a little bit of the hacking burden off yourself and share the load with others.

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