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Journey To Zelda’s Hyrule In Any Web Browser












The Legend of Zela: A Link to the Past was a technical feat on a home console back in 1991 when it was launched, but today a team has brought the entire overworld mapfrom the game to your browser, using only HTML5. Thanks to the team behind “JADSDS engine,” you can now navigate to Hyrule from any device, including your iPhone or iPad, and check out a scrollable version of the map from the game complete with environment and NPC animations.

It’s an impressive demo of their JavaScript animator tech for web developers, but it’s also awesome even if you have no interest in the nuts and bolts behind the tech. There’s something very nostalgic about being able to zoom out and take a good look at the animated Hyrule map from a bird’s eye view right in Safari or Chrome.

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Via The Verge

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