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Our recent addition is the Trade in Value comparison
Here you will find TIVs for BestBuy, GameStop and Walmart plus a few others
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About Trade4Cash

We are mainly a Video Game Trade in Company
We offer great Trade in Values for all video games and hardware

At Trade4Cash we pride ourselves on great customer service and market leading trade in values for all video games and electronics.

Our video game trade in values are constantly changing as the market is ever changing. We rate ourselves against the Big Box stores, the large online giant and the peer to peer auction site. As the market changes we change.

We offer free shipping and fast payment. You can either get paid via PayPal, receive an Amazon eGiftcard or we'll mail you a check, your choice.

  • Video Games and Game Consoles
  • Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Amiibo
  • Tablets, Phones and iPods
  • Great Trade in Values


Please add me to your list of fans. Dealing with Trade4Cash has been a pleasure. I am only sorry I have no more ancient electronics to sell you. Keep up the good work! ~ F. Fisher

T4C is a super fun place to get your game on. I am looking forward to more gaming with you guys! Thanks Trade4Cash! ~ S. Stebbins

I love selling to you guys! ~ M. Dambrot

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