Top 10 Gadgets of 2014

From GoPro to Jawbone UP3, these are the best gadgets of the year           10. The Ring Video Doorbell Imagine the perfect front door. Like a human security guard, it would tell you who was outside and allow you to talk with them before you let them in. The $200 Ring[…]


10 iPad Air 2 reviews in 10 quintessential quotes

Apple’s just-announced tablets, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, haven’t hit store shelves yet, but the early reviews are in. After four days with the devices, most outlets were impressed by the slimmed-down iPad Air 2 but would recommend it only to owners of early-generation iPads. The iPad mini 3’s slight update—a new gold[…]

Apple Inc. Announces The New iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3

The Revolutionary New iPad Feature Apple Didn’t Talk About

It could foretell a future where consumers have unprecedented choice over their mobile carrier Apple unveiled a pair of new iPads during a somewhat subdued event Thursday at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. At first, it seemed there was nothing groundbreaking about theiPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 — these were somewhat boring, iterative improvements like[…]


Hands on with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3: Small changes to the world’s top tablets

What’s rectangular, gold, and 18 percent thinner than a No. 2 pencil? The iPad Air 2, which Apple unveiled Thursday. Sporting subtle refinements like a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a beefed-up iSight camera, Apple’s second iPad Air isn’t a dramatic leap past the first iPad Air. But that’s not a surprise. When you make the most popular[…]


New Releases Week Starting 10/20

Releases this week are:   Fantasia: Music Evolved for X360, Xbox One, Just Dance 2015 for PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox One, Wii, WiiU, F1 2014 for PS3, X360, Samurai Warriors 4 for PS4, Shadow Warrior for PS4, Xbox One, Pokemon Art Academy for 3DS, Need for Speed: Rivals Complete Edition for PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox One,[…]



As expected, Apple‘s press event on Thursday debuted more than a couple pieces of new hardware. Most notably, the previously leaked iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 have been announced with release dates and pricing. And while there’s no news of an updated MacBook, the new 27-inch iMac has finally received a Retina display. iPad Air 2[…]


6 Ways Apple’s iPad Could Change Dramatically Today

Apple appears set to release the iPad Air 2 tomorrow, and it’ll come with some major improvements Apple is getting ready to make some major announcements Thursday in Cupertino, and there’s a lot of speculation about what consumers can expect to see. Among the litany of possible releases are Apple’s OS X Yosemite, a new iMac, a[…]


Apple iPad event: what to expect from next Thursday’s announcement

iPads, iMacs, and OS X Yosemite are coming It’s barely even been a month since Apple last got up on stage to unveil new products, but it’s already time for another presentation. So what are we expecting this month? It’s looking like most of Apple’s biggest announcements for the year have already passed, meaning we’re expecting far more[…]

amazon kindle

New Amazon Kindle Releases for 10/2

                Kindle Release Date: October 2, 2014 | 4GB | Amazon | E-Reader Features a 6 inch Pearl e-paper technology display. The display has 16-level gray scale and 167 PPI.  New features include a touchscreen display, 20% faster processor, and twice the storage of previous models. Other Kindle[…]


Get to know iOS 8: Changes in the Settings app

With every new version of iOS, Apple loves to add, tweak, and change settings; unsurprisingly, iOS 8 is no different. Here’s a comprehensive list of just about everything the company has changed in iOS 8 within the Settings app. Cellular The Cellular section used to be hidden in iOS’s General section in previous versions, but[…]


Get to know iOS 8: Messages gets new ways to communicate

Messages is arguably the most useful communications tool on your iPhone. What started as a way to make SMS text conversations easier to follow has blossomed into a full-fledged communication powerhouse. And in iOS 8, Messages is better than it’s ever been. Ironically, one of its best new tricks is the equivalent of leaving an[…]


iPhone Rumor Roundup: From Sapphire Phablets to NFC

It’s finally time. For many, the fall brings cooler temperatures and pumpkin spice flavoring, but in the tech world, it means new gadgets. And next week, it’s Apple’s turn to show us exactly what Jony Ive has been tinkering with in the Apple lab. Apple is hosting a “special event” on Sept. 9 in Cupertino.[…]


How Apple could put Siri ahead of the pack

Siri is getting a couple of improvements in iOS 8, but still has a ways to go before it becomes something I would use daily. Apple has promised only a small number of tweaks for its Siri voice assistant in iOS 8. Now, that’s not to say that new features like song identification through Shazam and hands free[…]


Apple Device Trade-In Step 7: Identifying your device

So now you’ve cleaned your device, made sure it works and reset it.  So what next?  Well, in order to assure you get the most money for your device you want to identify its model/order number and size properly.  Various carriers have different order numbers for their devices and this can result in a difference[…]


Apple Device Trade-In Step 6: Resetting your device & removing your SIM

So, you’ve decided it was time to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a different device.  The question is what do you do with your old one?  That is where Trade4Cash.com is here to help. Trading in your device for an extra bit of spending money is easy.  However, there are some things that[…]