Super Mario Maker Review

super mario

It’s a happy 30th birthday to Mario and Super Mario Maker creates an endless party. It brings together the look of previous games like: Super Mario Bros., Super super marioMario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U and uses them to do great new things. Mario is an iconic and familiar character and this game celebrates that past by immortalizing him in this fun new game that shows him at his best. There are new modes and a literally endless supply of levels to play.

Super Mario Maker takes Mario to a new level, a level of your own creation. You can now build your very own levels tosuper mario challenge your friends and the world at large. You are given the tools from many of the previous side-scrolling Mario games plus some new additions specifically for this game.

The simplicity of the creation toolkit is what allows this game to flourish, allowing anyone to make something interesting and partake in the fun. When in the creation mode you work using the gamepad and simply choose the item you want to place and tap the screen or if you are placing multiple items just drag it over the area you want it to be. The level creation feels intuitive and soothes the daunting feelings you may have when attempting to take on the creation of your own level.

super marioThe inclusion of assets from all these different Mario games gives you the freedom to make levels that were previously not possible and throw in your own unique twist on it to make whatever you want. There are completely automated levels like a Rube Goldberg Machine, homages to other Nintendo games using the Metroid, Link, or Pac-Man suits, or the most acrobatic and difficult levels imaginable.

The only minor downfall to point out is the difficulty sharing your levels with friends. Instead of having the levels accessible from your friends list, it requires you to enter in a level code. Although this doesn’t detract from the fun, there was an obviously easier solution.

If you are not ready to jump into the creation mode just yet there are two new modes available:super mario

Mario 10 Challenge – is a mode where you are given only ten lives to complete a number of courses made as a sort of campaign for Mario Maker. There are 68 courses in total using the aesthetics and gameplay from the long history of super marioMario games. Though these are not your typical Mario levels as they feature new ideas and intermingling of mechanics that develop creative puzzles unlike anything you’ve seen in a Mario game before.

The Hundred Mario Challenge – gives you one hundred lives and tasks you with completing a makeshift campaign of 16 levels brought to you by the online community. Since the difficulty of these levels can’t be regulated, when you face a level that is beyond your skill level you can simply skip it move onto the next.

Overall, Super Mario Maker is the perfect way to commemorate the quintessential platformer. It takes the old and makes it new again with the help of cool new modes and the easily accessible creation mode that will change the way you approach Mario levels.

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